lunes, marzo 13, 2006

The Voice of the Angel (Dedicated to Anneke)

Listen to you
It was a revelation
and I never imagined
that I could caress you
as well as you with you voice have caressed my soul
See you,
it was the desire granted by water
that it allowed that the sky of reflected in the Earth
cutting my breathing
and focusing the beats of my heart
in your voice...
Your angelical voice
it has illuminated many of my ways
and I hope that one of these ways
again it takes to me towards your arms...


At 3:48 p. m., Blogger ElJose said...

very pretty publicacion, although I prefer was in Spanish, to if I do not have I work extra

Esto tb lo postee donde angel ayes

kiking tu tb eres v.i.p.
eres una persona muy importante,a si es que aunque no te guste, adjudicate el caracter tb.
Vele el lado amable, y no aquel que parece ser un discrimanatorio, mira que al igual que tu, estamos para sumar mas y mas..
Abrazos bro.

At 1:34 a. m., Blogger ..::angel eyes::.. said...


sip...así es...como dice eljose...te guste o no...lo eres...para mi siempre lo has sido...y lo seguirás siendo hasta q yo lo decida así...

nada mas q hablar sobre el temita...tamos clarossss...

ajajajaaj....besos mileeessss...


..::angel eyes::..

At 3:30 p. m., Blogger io said...

yo tarzan , tu jane
yo corazon tu tambien



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